Blustery Egg Hunt

Saturday’s cold and windy conditions didn’t discourage the hundreds of children and parents that ran in the Annual Hennessey Easter Egg Hunt. Organizers said there were 5200 eggs for five age categories for the children to pick up.   The Town of Hennessey adopted this year’s event with the help of many businesses, organizations, and volunteers.   

The Hennessey Lioness has been hosting the event for many years but opted out this year. Scooter Thompson, a member of the Lioness Club, said, “We just can’t get any new members and will probably disband the club.” Shelley Burch at the Hennessey Town Hall got word that the event was in trouble and, at the last minute, pulled together a crew of volunteers and sponsors to put on the event. Burch said, “We changed the layout for the event to make it safer for the children.” Arrangements were made with Dollar transportation to use their yard for parking and keep the traffic away from the park. A new layout for the event was established to give it more room, using more of the park rather than just one small area. 

Sponsors that helped make this possible included: Reserve Angels, Hennessey Lioness Club, Hennessey Lion’s club, Hennessey Mother’s club, Hennessey Child Easter Egg Hunt continued….

Study Club, Interbank, and The Town of Hennessey, Barb Walter; a huge shout out to the Hennessey United for their Generous donation, Gypsies Signs, Hennessey Fire Dept, Hennessey Reserves, Sonic, Aloha Sno Cone stand, All About Hennessey, and many other Individuals.

Volunteers included: Bryan and Shelley, Sierra Burch, Ryan, and Mikaela Burch, Chasity and Larry Fipps, Theresa Wright, Kathy Bohnstedt, Lavonne O” Bryant, Wanda Choate, Chad, Allison, and Brendon Hurst, Cameron Walters, Tiffany Tillman, Melissa, Logan, Juliana, and Larissa Macy, Macee Smith, Jimmy Berkenbile, Bert Gritz, McKayla Henning, Georgie Tillman, and Kati Walters.