Saturday morning about 15 people gathered at 318 East Oklahoma St. to see the historic Kokojan home sell at auction.  Most of the crowd said they were just curious about the beautiful brick 2 story home.   

Dave and Shirley Koons are the proud owners of the home with the final bid of $105,000.  The Koons sold their home in Hennessey about 2 years ago and hit the road in their RV.  Shirley said, “It’s time to settle, and this is a wonderful home.”

The property has been vacant for almost 20 years but was well maintained.  Troy Lippard, the auctioneer with Lippard Auction Company said, “This is probably one of the top historic homes we have sold.”

In December of 2018, this home was featured in the movie “To The Stars” partly filmed in Hennessey.  A film production company filmed for 2 days and the movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival about a year later. 

All of the contents of the property were sold at an estate sale about a year ago.  The proceeds from the sale of the home, after expenses, will go directly to the Kokojan education fund.  This is a fund that was set up to help the educational needs in Hennessey Schools. 

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