A few years ago, the 89er Theater in Kingfisher had a problem.  People kept bringing their own food into the theater.  This is a problem because selling refreshments is really the only way they can make enough money to pay the staff and keep the lights on.  The owner called us (KJ FilmWorks) and wanted to do a video about why this was not cool.  

We had a production team meeting and our executive producer, Renee Settlemires came up with a crazy idea to create “The Concession Police”.  She wrote a script, assembled the cast and some extras to fill the theater.  We rented an old police car, made some concession police uniforms, and scheduled the production day.  Several of the scenes with the police and the car were filmed in Hennessey.  We then moved the crew to Kingfisher later that afternoon.  When we arrived, we found that the Town of Kingfisher had decided to tear up the street in front of the theater-making it difficult to film outside.  

The main cast was comprised of 8 people, the police, 2 smugglers, and 4 background cast.  The plot of the story was that the concession police got a call that someone had smuggled some food into the theater.  The police responded, searched the building, and found the perpetrators with a large quantity of popcorn and drinks.  They were handcuffed and put in the police car.   The funny part is we filmed this 11 years ago and it is still running at the theater before each movie.   

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