Stacy Grimes-Cline and Tina Miller-Walker, both Hennessey and OSU grads teamed up and created the Wellness Mercantile.  Stacy said, “It started with needing a small retail space to sell our hemp products, and got big really fast!”  This is the official retail site for all of the Hennessey Hemp Products, a line of organic health items produced west of Hennessey by Cline’s family.  

If you have ever been to Waco to see the HGTV spinoff Magnolia Market you will feel right at home here.  The Wellness Mercantile is located in the old Anthony building, or the old Dollar store depending how old you are, at the corner of Main and Oklahoma Streets in Downtown Hennessey.

The front features the retail side of the building.  This is stocked with a locally sourced, eclectic collection of clothing, food items, soaps and other gifts.  It also features the, soon to open, coffee bar and a large area to sit and relax with friends.  The rest of the building includes a large meeting space, and several offices for various other business soon to come. 

The Brand new Wellness Mercantile Opens tomorrow, Friday, December 11th.  Their Christmas hours will be, 9 to 6 Monday – Friday, and 9 to 2 Saturdays.  100 N. Main St., Hennessey, Oklahoma – 405-835-5454

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