“To The Stars”, a movie filmed in Hennessey and in and around Enid, will premiere on streaming video starting on April 24th.  The film crew spent 2 days on location in Hennessey at the 2 story brick home in the 300 block of East Oklahoma St. Mitchell Jarrett, the production location scout/manager said, “Laura Smith, the producer of the film, picked the house in Hennessey to double as the interior of another house we shot elsewhere because we really liked the dated look and design of the inside.”  Production companies like small towns like Hennessey as film locations. Filming in a large city is complicated; with permits, dealing with street closures and crowds of spectators.  The movie will be available for streaming through Amazon, Apple TV, ITunes, Google Play, VUDU and Fandango Now. This story made possible by: Rayco Paraffin Service, Inc 

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