Hennessey students participated in a rock painting contest sponsored by the Hennessey Police Department for Red Ribbon Week. All Winners were picked by the Hennessey Police Officers and Reserves.Officer Mike Jones attended last weeks Eagle Rally to announce those winning a pizza party with our HPD. Listed are the winners by grade.
Pre-K- Hannah Weaver, Yaritsa Martinez, and Carter Weimer.  
Kindergarten- Benny Lechenberg, Jeremy Carter 
1st Grade – Truett Humphries, Gracie Hau. 
2nd Grade – Abraim Marquez, Johanna Valles, Israel Gonzales,Danitzya Montes,Paul, Luevanos. 
3rd Grade – Fatima Anaya, Colton Racer, Charlie Tillman, Jasmine Mosher. 
4th Grade – Daniela Martinez, Stephanie Valles, Conner. 5th Grade – Hadley Carter, Christian Cambran, Bradley Gallia, and Oliver Tillman.  
Pictured is Hannah Weaver decorating her rock. Congratulations! Everyone did a great job!