Staci Henderson Fundraiser

Staci’s Story

Early on July 7th- A Sunday, Staci Henderson woke to find that her entire world had changed. Her husband had passed away suddenly in the night. Travis was 32, she, only 26. While they had only been married a short 7 months, They had shared the last 6 years together and have a son, Aaron, who is 5. December of this year brings the arrival of their 2nd son, Bryson.

Travis’s death took many things from Staci, Her husband, her best friend, and Aaron’s father. It also took two thirds of her household income. Losing a loved one is always hard, but it seems to displace us more when its as unexpected as a heart attack at such a young age. 

Today’s event is to fill in the financial gaps that were left behind when Travis went to meet his Heavenly Father. Serious repairs and replacements had to be addressed as well as everyday financial responsibilities that comes with running a house hold.