12 Years ago today, (September 30, 2007) Hennessey’s Main Street changed forever.  About 5:30 pm, Hennessey Firefighters Bert Gritz and Logan Macy, were the first on the scene of a fire at 104 South Main.  Bert said, “There was smoke coming out of the front and rear of the single story building.  We thought we could contain it, but the fire had been burring for a while before it was noticed.” The fire was between the ceiling and the roof making it difficult to fight.  The fire department called for help and Kingfisher, Dover, Okeene, and Guthrie responded.  Enid assisted with their large ladder truck but the fire had spread to the 2 story building to the south.  At one point, it was feared that the entire city block may be in danger.  When done, 2 buildings were destroyed, 104 South main (where the fire started), and the Odd Fellows 2 story building to the south.  The former Dinkler Drug Store building to the south of the 2 story building had sustained significant water and smoke damage and was later torn down.  The white Kirkpatrick building on Main St. now stands where the 3 buildings were located. Fire Footage by Photojournalist Jack Quirk, KJ FilmWorks.