Introducing Alex Shelly, a licensed barber who loves to take the razor to your neck. But worry none, she is beyond experienced!
Beards and Bourbon opened just a few weeks ago right here in the middle of Main Street Hennessey. While the shop may be new, Alex’s journey to becoming a barber started in 2015 as a licensed cosmetologist, and in 2018 as a licensed barber.
Alex is a Colorado native and has always had a passion for hair (even at 3 years of age, she was styling her friend’s and family’s hair, and cutting her own.) As a high school junior, she decided to attend a 2-year cosmetology program through the local high school. However, life had a curveball and the Summer before her senior year she was in a terrible UTV accident. Alex suffered a spinal injury, breaking every vertebra. However, Alex did not let this setback ruin her future and lifelong passion for chasing her dreams. After major surgery and lengthy rehab, Alex returned to her studies and finished the cosmetology program at Northeastern Junior College in 2016.
After graduation, Alex loved being behind the chair, building relationships, and learning her trade as a family stylist. But then she was introduced to clients who desired head shaves, and she was sold! At this point, Alex decided that being a barber was where her passions lay, so she returned to school to obtain her barber training and certification. Alex quickly became a passionate barber at a Colorado barbershop where she worked hard and moved on to barber instructor, training new barbers on the ways of the razor. 
Last year, Alex took a leap of faith and moved to Oklahoma, relocating her family to Hennessey. Once the word got out that she was a barber, everyone quickly told her that the community was in dire need of a great barbershop. After a few conversations with a few very influential people, her dream started to become a reality. 
Alex is old school when it comes to her vision of what a barber shop should be like. Barbershops were a place that the community came together. A place where it was not the hustle and bustle of the day, but rather a moment to sit back, relax, and take a moment in the chair. The stories her grandpa shared with her about what the barbershop experience was like, is what drove her to want to bring that back. The building owner shared stories of how he used to get his hair cut at this same spot when he was child and visited the local barber. Alex says, “It’s keeping the tradition alive, and knowing the building I am in today served as Clifford’s Barber Shop years ago, what an honor to continue the history.”
She sees Beards and Bourbon as a great place to gather, get a hot towel, and shave while enjoying a drink.” A drink? you might ask, with any service that you receive from Alex at Beards and Bourbon, you will get a complimentary drink (must be 21 or older). When Alex was asked what she loves the most about her job, her response was; “I get to experience different chapters of my client’s lives, build connections, and even friendships with them throughout the years, and throughout their personal journeys. I get to celebrate their milestones like first dates, weddings, and even children. I even was a part of their lowest times. But no matter what stage of life they are in, the best part is the conversation and connection that I make with people that I truly love.”
Getting to this point was not easy. None of this would have been possible if not for the amazing individuals and businesses that helped to make this dream a reality. For that Alex Thank you: Scotty Hajek for the introduction, Richard Simunek for making all of this possible, David Fuksa for the amazing custom cabinets, Eric Vargus for the great bar, Salina’s Plumbing Solutions, and 81 Electric.
The Shop is open Monday – Friday and by appointment on Saturdays. Walk-ins are always welcome, but if you would like to schedule an appointment, call or text (572) 217-1363 or book online at Beards and Bourbon is located at 109 S Main Street, Hennessey.