What started several years ago as a dream has now become a reality in Downtown Hennessey. Phase One of the “John Deutschendorf Memorial Pavilion” Is now complete. This would not be possible without the local Hennessey businesses that stepped up and donated their services, products, and time. 

Many years ago the town acquired the old Lee Lumber property on W 1st Street.  Shortly after there were ideas of making it a park or building a community building.  In the meantime, Richard Simunek purchased the adjoining land to the south and wanted to donate it to the town.  Many years passed and nothing happened, Simunek proposed building a community building and donating the land he owned to the town but it never got off the ground. 

About two years ago the Hennessey Board of Trustees approved a plan from All About Hennessey to create the “Discover Hennessey” program that would oversee improvement projects and promote Hennessey.  

This week the long-awaited pavilion phase one is now complete.  Jack Quirk, with All About Hennessey, said, “This was possible with a great deal of help and donations from our community.  There is no way a project this big could become a reality with just town funding.” 

Groundbreaking occurred on August, 31st 2023 as F5 Construction owned by David and Katrina Fuksa donated their services to prepare the site for the fill dirt to elevate the site.  800 cubic yards of fill dirt was donated by Lightle Sand & Construction and was delivered by Dollar Trucking. David Fuksa said, “We need this much fill to make this sight-drain property.”

Daniel Construction of Hennessey installed the large concrete peers 8 feet deep to support the structure. When the building parts arrived they were sent to Thurmond Gas Measurement Co. where they generously donated the black paint and labor to paint the structure before erecting it.

This week the Hennessey Metal Building Systems crew assembled the frame and installed the roof completing phase one of the project at no cost to the Town. For this, the new pavilion will be called “John Deutschendorf Memorial Pavilion” in remembrance of the founder of Hennessey Metal Building Systems. 

Quirk said, “To date, over $100,000 in services have been donated by F5 Construction, Lightle Sand & Construction, Dollar Trucking, Daniel Construction, Hennessey Metal Buildings, and Richard Simunek.”

It is important to note that this is a multi-phase project that will continue as more companies and individuals step forward to help with the cost of completing it. 

The pavilion as it stands is 100 X 50 and has a dirt floor. Phase Two is to raise funds to build a 100 X 100 concrete floor. Phase Three will be to add 25 feet to the north and south sides of the building making it a full 100 X 100 structure.

Additional phases will include funding to enclose the structure, add restrooms and a kitchen, and heat and A/C. 

Quirk said, “We have established a donors fund for anyone that would like contribute to completing this new community asset for our citizens to enjoy for years to come.”

If you have the means and would like to help complete this project, please contact Jack Quirk at We are very fortunate to have such a high quality of local contractors who are willing to come forward and support our community.