Seasons Change

Big changes are coming in the near future. Summer’s oldest is turning 18 and graduating high school. Autumn is expecting a new baby. Theoretically…Summer is letting her baby go and Autumn is getting a brand new baby. Clare will be more by herself in the coming months and Silas won’t be an only child any longer. Big changes for everyone! Ya know, in the wise words of Tracy Lawrence (and probably some other people), “the only thing that remains the same is that everything changes.” Change can be so scary, but that doesn’t always mean it’s bad. We are so proud of Ethan and can’t wait to see what the next phase of his life brings him. We are so excited to welcome baby Lenox into our family. But still, these are big, sometimes scary changes. 

We’ve probably all heard the saying, “the days go slow but the years fly by” but man does it ever slap you in the face when you are watching your baby (who was just literally a baby not that long ago!) prepare to graduate high school and fly out into this big ole scary world. 

Every season of our lives brings a whole new and different set of blessings as well as challenges. Possibly the most difficult part is focusing on the blessings rather than the challenges. It’s just so much easier to see the challenges. They can consume you. It’s easy to focus on what feels like parenting fails and things that you wish you had done better. Don’t do that! Instead, let’s focus on all the good that we have seen in our lives. Remember the things that brought the most joy. Hold those in your heart. Because honestly, we are only here for a little while so please don’t hold on to the hurt and failures. Let those go. Let’s double fist grasp onto all of the joy that we can and choose to see the good. There’s still so much good in the world, if only we look for it. Not a single parent is perfect. Not a single child is perfect. So don’t get trapped in comparison. Let that crap go, all of it. It goes too fast to hold onto the hurt. 

Let’s choose to see the good in it all. The changing of the seasons is so beautiful, and this change can be so beautiful too. 

Hang in there, parents! We see you. We are with you! 

We’re all in the trenches together, let’s not forget that. Don’t compare your tired with someone else’s, and let’s remember to give grace. We are all fighting a battle that no one else knows anything about. 

We love you. We are praying for you as our seasons change and your seasons change too.