On Sunday, February 18th, the old high school gym was full of activity as R2B Baseball organized a heartfelt fundraiser to honor their friend and teammate, Jarrett Smith. The team came together with a common goal – to raise money for a custom bench that would be placed at the HHS baseball field in memory of Jarrett.

R2B Baseball, a dedicated travel ball team, has forged a strong bond over the years through their shared love of the game. Under the guidance of coaches Ryan Cooper, Brandon McKay, and Brandon Mooney, the team has grown not only as players but as a supportive and tight-knit community.

Drawn from various towns including Hennessey, Enid, Stillwater, and Jennings, the players of R2B Baseball epitomize the spirit of unity and camaraderie. Their fundraiser was a testament to the enduring friendships and memories they had formed with Jarrett, who was a beloved member of their team.

The fundraiser at the old high school gym was a resounding success, with attendees showing their support through donations, raffles, and spirited games. Laughter and cheers filled the gym as the community rallied around R2B Baseball in their mission to honor Jarrett’s legacy.

10 teams participated in the adults division

1st place – Ole Miss Commits (Weston Smith team)

2nd place – Travis Harmon Team

Four teams for the younger division

Younger Division (5th grade & Under)

1st place – Eagles

2nd place – Diamond Dominators

A permanent memorial bench will be unveiled at the first high school baseball game on March 4th, which is Jarrett’s birthday. This bench will serve as a tribute to Jarrett’s spirit and memory, ensuring that he will always be remembered and cherished.