The Winter Conference of the Oklahoma Music Educators Association (OkMEA) took place from January 17-20, 2024. This annual event is attended by Riley Faulkner, the Director of Choral Activities for Hennessey Public Schools. During the conference, she participates in sessions specifically tailored to her content area, where she learns new teaching techniques and strategies for managing her classroom. She also has the opportunity to observe master conductors as they lead rehearsals with the All-State ensembles.

In addition to attending sessions, Mrs. Faulkner explores exhibit booths to gather ideas for future field trips and fundraisers. The conference also provides her with the opportunity to network and forge connections with other music educators in the state. She attends the OkMEA Honor Group concerts, which showcase top-performing groups from across Oklahoma, as well as the OkMEA All-State concerts.

Furthermore, Riley currently holds the role of OkMEA State Chair for Circle the State with Song (CTSWS) and is a member of the Children’s All State Committee. In these roles, she is responsible for managing and coordinating all aspects of the Children’s All State Choir. CTSWS aims to create a memorable choral experience for outstanding music students, allowing them to collaborate with guest clinicians and perform challenging musical pieces alongside their peers in the region.

Oklahoma is divided into 21 regions, each led by a coordinator who supports and guides choral teachers in their respective areas. As the CTSWS Chair, Riley oversees and supports these 21 region coordinators, ensuring they have the necessary information, instructions, and resources for successful Regional Honor Choir Performances.

Additionally, as the chair, Riley plays a role in selecting repertoire that is diverse and appropriate for each age group. She also writes articles introducing the CTSWS repertoire for publication in the Oklahoma Music Educators magazine.

Hennessey is pleased to have Mrs. Riley Faulkner as part of Hennessey Public Schools.