Hennessey Eagles went to Okeene Speech and Debate

This Saturday, February 3rd, the Hennessey Eagles went to Okeene Speech and Debate Tournament. Results are as follows: 

Valarie Holguin- 1st place DEX

Laura Ullery- 1st place Poetry, 2nd Champs DEX, 2nd Champs HD 

Marisa Marin-1st place OO, 3rd Champs HI 

Lynnze Franklin- 3rd place Poetry 

Jayden Hladik-2nd place DEX

Jude Hestand-2nd place Poetry, 2nd Champs FEX, 1st Champs HD

Daniela Oropeza-Lepe-1st place SO 

Naidelyn Herrera-2nd place SO, 3rd place DEX

Aidan Hardin-1st place FEX, 2nd Champs HD 

Taylor Ladwig-1st Champs DEX, 1st Champs OO, 1st Champs HD, 1st overall Individual Events speaker 

The team successfully took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in two events. 

With the teams combined scores, they earned 1st place in Champs Sweepstakes and also took 1st place in Class 3A Sweepstakes!!