Today our highlight is on Roslynd Caton BSN, RN, WCN-N. Roslynd has been a nurse for 13 years and in-home health for 7 years. Prior to home health she worked in the emergency room in California and Oklahoma followed by a year in case management. 

In 2010 Roslynd obtained her RN, in 2014 BSN, and in 2023 a WCN-N, wound care certification.   Roslynd went into home health thinking it would be less chaotic than ER work.  Boy was she wrong. The only difference is ER is more of an organized chaos. Roslynd has taken a special interest in wound care because there is a large need for assistance in the home and it is rewarding to see wounds heal.  As a wound care nurse, Roslynd assesses and treats patients with complex wounds such as traumatic wounds, deep wounds, pressure injuries, diabetic wounds, and wounds requiring wound vacs. Working in the home setting has allowed her to develop close relationships with her patients and earn their trust in providing them with the care they need. If you’d like more information you can visit Abiding’s Website at or contact them at 580-366-4210