Senior Citizens Center (Hennessey Community Center)

During the November 9th town board meeting, numerous senior citizens attended to address the challenges faced by the struggling senior citizens center. On a daily basis, the center caters to approximately 10 residents and provides meal deliveries to about 5 homebound individuals. The burden of utility bills, amounting to around $800 per month, poses a significant financial strain on the center. Susan Henry spoke on behalf of the center, appealing to the town to consider covering the cost of utilities since they own the building.

It was noted that the town acquired ownership of the building approximately 3-5 years ago, coinciding with LaVonne O’Bryant taking on the managerial role at the center. Recognizing the potential benefits, the meeting discussed the possibility of making upgrades to the building. Such improvements could reduce utility expenses and make the premises more appealing for rental purposes, thus generating additional income to offset the costs. The proposal suggested that if the town were to assist with repairs and utilities, any funds obtained from renting out the space would be dedicated to covering the expenses.

However, to make an informed decision, the board members sought further details regarding the exact costs involved, including the expenses for building upgrades. It was also recommended that the town consult with the town attorney to ensure legal compliance. Consequently, the agenda item relating to the senior citizens center was postponed until the next town board meeting in December.