After several rounds of changes, the Hennessey School Board voted at a special meeting on March 29th to approve the plan that will fill in the deep ditch in front of the schools along N. Mitchell Rd.   

The plan includes setting a 42-inch pipe from the intersection of E. Iowa and N. Mitchell south to about the middle school.  The pipe will then scale down to a 36-inch pipe and split with one continuing south to Oklahoma Street and the second crossing Mitchell Rd and then going south to Oklahoma St.  The Engineer explained that they couldn’t continue with a single 42-inch pipe because the elevation would not allow it and it would cause a bump in the school driveways. This split will allow the drainage system to carry the water load properly during heavy rains.  

This plan also includes completely covering the ditch and rebuilding the entire parking area in front of the Elementary and Middle Schools adding 60 new parking spaces.  The bids will be sent out in 2 parts, one for the drainage and one for the parking and concrete work. The job will take about 150 days to complete.