Speech & Debate Shattuck Tournament

The Hennessey Speech & Debate team competed in the Shattuck Tournament this weekend.

Here are the results:

Champs Standard Oratory: Taylor Ladwig 1st place
Champs Humorous Interpretation: Marissa Marin 1st place
Champs Foreign Extemporaneous: Marissa Marin 1st place
Jaret Matthews 2nd place
Champs Domestic Extemporaneous: Taylor Ladwig 1st place
Laura Ullery 2nd place
Valarie Holguin 3rd place
Champs Prose: Jaret Matthews 1st place
Champs Humorous Duet: Aidan Hardin & Laura Ullery 1st place

Champs Monologue: Laura Ullery 3rd place

Hennessey took home the 1st place trophy in Champs Sweepstakes!

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