To Hennessey Public Schools, Basketball Boys, & Coaches, It’s taken me two days to wrap my head around how grateful and appreciative I am for your boys letting my #44 having the spotlight on his SENIOR game Monday evening!

What you don’t see behind that uniform is a child who has literally been through it all. From hospitalizations to a genetic diagnosis of DeGeorge Syndrome, to surgerys and missing out constantly. Braxton has 2 loves of life, music and BASKETBALL!

Since his freshman year he has sat bench side due to a broken ankle, then late sophomore year benched again due to scoliosis surgery, surgeon only fully released him to actually play this year. Which is great, but he has sat for 3 years and lost his momentum.

He wanted to play so bad this year, but in most games you can find him behind the team camera because he said this gives the kids with talent the option to have game time. So you can imagine our surprise when he came out with the team Monday! Not only did your boys continue to pass the ball to him until he hit his basket, but then several of the boys sought him out after the game to fist bump him & say good game.

That game was the highlight of the last 4 years and he said “you know what mom, maybe it was worth all the struggles after all!” So to the boys, THANK YOU for making him feel like a teammate and feeling normal for the night!!  Natalie Haigler