School Security

The State Office of School Safety and Security inspected the Hennessey Schools campus in June.   School Superintendent Jason Sternberger said, “They found some soft areas.”  

Sternberger said they would be adding more security cameras in certain areas, along with a few more visual doorbells.  Sternberger told the board that all doors would only be unlocked during the morning enters and class changes.  Staff members will have key fobs that will open and unlock doors other than those times.  Another item on the list was raising the fence around the daycare center to six feet, keeping someone from being able to reach in and pick up a child.  Some HVAC panels are open and need fencing. 

Sternberger said, “They will come back for another inspection when school is in session.  That way, they can see students passing in the hallway and going from class to class and building to building.”

The board also briefly discussed allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons.  Sternberger said, “We have the option to allow teachers who have conceal and carry licenses to carry a gun on the school premises.  Since we have a resource officer, we’ll always have a gun on the premises.” 

No action was taken on the teacher carry issue because the item was not on the agenda.