A Sea of People and Cars


By noon, all of Main St. was full of cool cars, and the Cruzin’ Oklahoma group had not arrived yet!  Hennessey’s largest annual event rolled into town Sunday morning when an estimated 1500 cars and trucks of all sizes and makes arrived.  Event promoter, Tony Blackburn said, “I’m very tired but so excited that it was a huge success”!  Blackburn’s mission was to use the event to help local businesses by bringing a large audience to Hennessey.  It worked!  Almost every business was open on a Sunday afternoon and was all swamped with customers.  Sara Bergley, Owner of 81 Grill said, “It was a very good day.  We are all worn out, but a very good day”.  

The estimated crowd of 4500 people had lots to do and see.  The event was spread out over a mile from 7th street to the north of Hwy 51.  Just about everything you could want to see or do was present.  There were cars, trucks, motorcycles, barrel racing, drifting, drone racing, bouncy houses, and a vendor fair!  Stay tuned for all the details in this week’s Hennessey POST newspaper. 

Last year there were so many people in line to ride the helicopters they flew up to sunset.  This year they brought 2 helicopters and lowered their price from $60 to $40 so more people could get rides.  There were still long lines but it moved much faster with 2 helicopters.   Blackburn and his volunteer crew were assisted by ODOT which helped with the barricades needed to close half of Hwy 81 so cars and spectators had more room.  Hennessey Police was out in full force on foot, in their cars, and several of them were patrolling in ATVs. Hennessey Fire department was on hand to help with the burnout contest that the OHP and the Oklahoma County Sherriff department had displayed.  Plans are already being made to make it even better next year.


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