** KINGFISHER COUNTY ** BURN BAN FROM APRIL 11 – 25. Exceptions to the burn ban are as follows: WELDING. CUTTING TORCH” OR GRINDNG

1. When conducted over a non-flammable surface at least 20ft by 2011.

2. Wind speeds must be less than 15 mph.

3. A fire watchman” other than the welder, is posted at the site with pressurized water or a fire extinguisher.

OUTDOOR GRILLING LPG, charcoal tired cooking is acceptable and natural gas grills for outside grilling are permitted as long as conducted in a grilling receptacle and provided that the grilling is done over a non-flammable surface and away from flammable vegetation.

CONTROLLED BURNS Land owner must have a NRCS approved burn plan that is in-compliance with the fire chiefs and law enforcement

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