Oklahoma’s Governor Stitt signed an executive order on Monday that will affect Hennessey businesses.  The order goes into effect on Thursday, November 19th and states all restaurants and bars must keep all tables and seating 6 feet apart.  Workers are required to wear masks, and bars must close at 11pm each night.   

At the noon press conference, the governor said we should practice “the three W’s”, Wear a mask, Wash our hands and Watch distance between people.   All of this is in response to the rising COVID numbers in Oklahoma and other states.  Governor Stitt said, “We do not want to close our businesses and this will allow us to stay open safely”.

Local Hennessey businesses will be taking action to conform to the requirements.  Roosters owner, Rhonda Stotts said we will remove some of the bar stools and space seating to every other table.  Family Café owner, Sara Fisher said, “I have a lot of seating area so this shouldn’t be a problem.  Gail’s Grill will be affected the most because of limited seating. Gail’s Owner Tammy Dobbs said, “We will just do as we did before and offer to go orders and curbside pickup.” We will up date everyone on our other restaurants and any changes they might have.

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