As most of you may know, the last half of 2019 was a hard year for Aaron and I. My husband of seven short months passed away of a heart attack. I was in shock. He was only 32. We had a son and I was 18 weeks pregnant. Life can change in literally the blink of an eye. I wasn’t ready for this.I just wanted to tell every single person who helped do or donate anything that we are forever grateful. We have had so many helping hands it’s hard to keep track. Because of all the help and donations, we were able to start a new chapter and a new home. What an adventure it’s been!!With the thought that it would only be a long weekend, getting my ducks in a row, we were invited to stay in Jimmy and Beth Berkenbile’s second home. That short stay ended up being 4 months! Keep in mind, they only knew me from my time working at Golden Chick. Who does that?? Who reaches out to, basically a stranger, and gives them refuge? Being in my home, where my husband’s presence was still so strong, was more than I could handle. I was, and still am, so grateful for that respite.The GoFundMe allowed me to replace my car, which had just broken down to a newer, more reliable vehicle that I could afford. Jimmy helped me find a trailer home, and due to the generosity of so many people, personally and with the CAT Team auction fund raiser, a new plot of land was prepared, the trailer was moved, and we were able to move in the day after I had Bryson.I would like to give a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to the following people & businesses: • Jimmy & Beth Berkinbile, & Eagle Propane— Gosh, where do I even start… The use of your second home, seeing to needs I didn’t even know I had, introducing me to an amazing church family…. I could never list it all… We love you both so much!• Bert Gritz with Cordry-Gritz Funeral Home for taking such good care of my late husband. Aaron and I appreciate your compassion and understanding while we were grieving.• David Fuksa with Grade Work Construction, who put in many hours in dirt work, and preparations on the land, and putting in my driveway, so that it would be ready for us to move in.• Preston Smith with Hennessey Septic Tank Services for donating his time installing the septic system for our new home. • The Town of Hennessey for fill dirt and rock for land prep.• Golden Chick for sending enough food after Travis’s passing that lasted days!• The Masonic Lodge #56 for providing and serving food during the auction fund raiser.• The Community Action Team for organizing the auction fund raiser, and for managing all the donations that came in until the funds were used.• The Cowboy Church of Apache, The Corinth Baptist Church of Elderado, Scott, Deanna, & Scotty Henderson, Connie Clayton, & Dover Christian Church for sizable monetary donations. • Hennessey High Football Boys for donating tons of gifts, clothing, and gear for Aarons birthday as well as inviting him to run with the boys onto the field during the first game. This was so meaningful for Aaron and it made my heart happy to see him so excited!• Russ & Marissa Choate, Randy & Robin Green, David & Katrina Fuksa, and all the members from the Dover church who also helped assemble things for our home.• Amy Barrie & Krystal Turner for hosting a beautiful baby shower at our church.And last but certainly not least, I would like to thank my parents, Mark and Karen Guffey. Dad put in my electrical service and the fact that they live only a couple of doors down, has been a great comfort to me and my boys. I love you both so much! The notebook I had been keeping track of everyone, and everything they had done got misplaced. If I have missed mentioning anyone, I do apologize! It’s been a little crazy over here! I have seen our community pull together for people, and families in need, I never thought we would be in that position. I have been humbled in many ways since Travis has been gone. I have been trying to do my best to take a new look on things, and to get us closer to God. My boys and I will forever be grateful for all your help.Sincerely,Staci, Aaron, & Bryson Henderson.November 24, 2020

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