The Importance of Fathers 

June 16th is Father’s Day, so we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the fathers in our lives. 
First, the father figures who have gone on to heaven. Our grandpas Leland Berkenbile and Clarence Herrin
Our grandpa Leland passed away while we were still kids. But his memory is still strong and his love impacted us both. We’re grateful that we were blessed with more time with our Grandad Clarence Herrin. In our minds, grandad Clarence felt like the quiet, steady, strong rock in our lives. Always there to provide comfort and support and our fishing partner, as well. Actually, both of our grandpas showed us the simple pleasure and the quiet quality time that fishing provides. 
Our Dad Jimmy Berkenbile, is a pillar of the community that we live in. Always there when you need him, willing to help with whatever anyone needs. Quality time with dad always means food is involved, lol. We both remember getting up super early to ride his bus route with him, and he would always get us donuts and chocolate milk. Later in life, when our mom was going back to college, we remember dad cooking his very favorite meal…fish sticks and macaroni and cheese…hahaha. At least twice a week. He tried though. 
Dustin Munroe, Summer’s husband. Father to Ethan and Clare. Grill master, lawn enthusiast, math homework helper, breakfast maker, pool boy, lol. He loves his kids and has tried to be the father that he felt like he didn’t have as he grew up. While he had a step-dad, the absence of his biological father left a hole in his heart that he has worked his entire life to prevent happening to his own children. His lawn is his favorite child, obviously. Hahaha. Just kidding, he would be offended if he actually reads that. lol. 
Anthony Blackburn, Autumn’s husband. Father to Silas and Lenox. Car enthusiast, googler of all things, boat/lake lover, chicken slinging zaddy, the man who knows no moderation. He loves his family deeply and does his absolute best to provide a good life them. Honestly though, he would do anything to help someone out. May come across a little brash but will always go above and beyond what’s asked of him.
We are so blessed to have had each of these fathers in our lives and in the lives of our children. While no one is perfect, we are thankful for the love and care they give their families. 
Finally, and most importantly, we want to honor our Father in Heaven. We thank God everyday for every blessing and we thank Him in the storm. We know without a doubt in Whom our faith lies and that is a comforting thought during any storm of life. 
1John 3:18
“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” (NIV)
“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” (NLT)
Whichever Bible translation speaks to you the most…they  are convicting and great reminders that love is a verb. So fathers, be sure to lead your families with your actions and with intent. 
Fathers are important…but for those whose earthly father was lacking or absent, there is a Heavenly Father who loves you.
You are loved. And you can overcome. Your past does not define you and your circumstances do not dictate your future… you do. You can choose to be the father you never had. It’s never too late to love those who were put into your care. 
Happy Father’s Day!