This time, our highlight is on Amanda Nichols RN, a passionate nurse who knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in nursing. Her desire to help people was further strengthened when her dad broke his leg in 1996. Amanda states, “I was even more determined to go to nursing school so I could help people the way they helped my dad.” She graduated from the Oklahoma University College of Nursing and has been practicing as a nurse for 24 years. Initially, she worked at St. Mary’s Hospital for a year in the ICU/PCCU before moving to the ER for several years. Amanda gained a lot of experience while working in the hospital setting. She started her journey in-home care around 2009 and since then has worked in home health and hospice care. Currently, she has been working in home health for the past seven years. Amanda finds home health care very rewarding as she gets to know her patients well, understands their needs, and helps them lead their lives independently. Her patients become like family members, and she often stays in touch with them even after they have been discharged from services. Amanda finds it fulfilling to see her patients living their best lives after helping them through their toughest times. When she’s not working, she volunteers with the SPCA in Enid.

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