In Mike’s years of employment, he started at the bottom working on oil rigs and moving up in the ranks to owning a successful oilfield pumping company, MIKS Pumping, INC. Through the ups and downs of the oilfield, Mike has managed anywhere between 1-5 employees at a time. Mike has also been an employee of Kingfisher County District 2 for 27 years, only taking a short leave when the oilfield was at its peak. Through his years at the county, Mike has not only been a heavy equipment operator and CDL driver, but he has also served as purchasing and receiving agent and has been responsible for maintaining accurate inventory and accounting records. Mike has worked with 3 different Commissioners. Mike has been through many disasters, state audits and handled FEMA reporting for events including floods and tornadoes. Mike knows his role as Commissioner encompasses so much more than roads and dirt construction. As Commissioner he would also be responsible for county budgets, employees, 911 board, governmental legislation and ethics.
Mike stands by his belief in the transparency of our government. He welcomes communication with the citizens of Kingfisher County. If elected, Mike has made arrangements for an experienced, reliable person to take over his company MKS. Mike will devote all of his time to the role of Commissioner. Mike realizes being Commissioner is a full-time responsibility and is prepared to give it the time you deserve. He has the experience and welcomes the opportunity to prove it. Mike would appreciate your vote on June 18.
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