Voskuhl speaks at CleopatraRX Conference

Renowned neurologist Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl from UCLA will be the keynote speaker at an upcoming event hosted by CleopatraRX in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 24-25, 2024. The event will address the pressing issue of cognitive decline in women during menopause. Dr. Voskuhl, a Hennessey native, is known for her extensive research and publications in top journals, will share her insights on the connection between cognitive decline and brain atrophy during menopause.

The two-day event will feature four sessions where Dr. Voskuhl and the CleopatraRX team will engage with local leaders, healthcare professionals, and women from the community to raise awareness about preventing cognitive decline during menopause. Discussions will include educational programs, grant opportunities, and treatment options such as the patented PearlPAK™ prescription for improving cognition in menopausal women.

Special guest Mayor G.T. Bynum and tribal leaders will also participate in conversations about improving healthcare access and treatment for women experiencing cognitive decline during menopause across different ethnicities and communities. For more information about the event or to schedule interviews with Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl, please contact Jaci Volles, Chief Marketing Officer. Join us in supporting women’s brain health during menopause through understanding, awareness, and community support.