Jarod Dowell, a Hennessey native, had two crucial role models within his upbringing, his dad, and Grandpa. Growing up he spent much of his time watching them make something out of nothing. They showed Jarod what dedication, hard work, focus, and determination could accomplish once you put your mind to it. Jarod says, “They would cover all the basics to ensure they could handle what was needed to build a sturdy house.” This amazed young Jarod to watch a home pop up before his eyes, it’s that very house that he calls his home today. Jarod, a father of three, Jaryn soon to be 16, Adler 9, and Kennedy 4, wants to show his children the value of having a good work ethic and setting a solid foundation for them, as it was his Grandpa Murl and father Kenny who built the man he is today.

Kenny started Dowell Plumbing in 1985. After many years of assisting his dad with plumbing jobs, Jarod quickly learned what it would take to become a plumber. As Kenny approached retirement, Jarod was eager to continue the legacy making him the 2nd generation of Dowell Plumbing, receiving his journeyman license in 2015. The transition from father to son owner was easy considering they worked closely together and dad was always a phone call away.

Jarod expresses “It’s being around people and meeting new customers that I enjoy about my job”, but where there is good there’s sure to be a bad side. What many might not realize, their plumber is claustrophobic and hates snakes! Two of which come up quite often in his line of work, he explained, “I just don’t look at what’s around me, I put my focus on the task at hand, and that’s what gets me through.”

Dowell Plumbing works with its customers making each job as affordable as possible. They specialize in new builds, service calls, remodels, repairs, commercial, and residential traveling around 60 miles for a job, and will give estimates when needed. For all your plumbing needs call or text Dowell Plumbing at 580-747-0112.