Town Board of Trustees have lots of Questions about Ordinances

Last Thursday night’s Trustees meeting, initially expected to be short based on the agenda, turned out to be a lengthy affair which will span multiple days. The primary agenda item was to discuss and approve the draft of the codification of ordinances from 2006 to 2022, which turned out to be a nearly 500-page document. This task required extensive work and raised numerous legal questions.

After approximately an hour and a half of deliberation, the board realized that to handle this matter correctly, the presence of the town attorney was necessary to address the legal queries associated with each item. Town Administrator, Tiffany Tillman, informed the board that she had received information suggesting that John Wynne, the current town attorney, might be contemplating retirement.

Following this revelation, the board considered reaching out to The Oklahoma Municipal League for assistance in finding an attorney specialized in ordinances who could guide them through the process. Recognizing the need for professional help in this matter, the board adjourned until arrangements could be made for the presence of an attorney.