It took several years but the final large highway welcome sign was installed last week.  This sign, located east of Hennessey took several years to get installed because of the highway construction on Hwy 51. This sign sat in Royal Signs shop for a very long time and they were glad to get it out and installed where people could see it. ODOT had a hold on all right-away signage until they had finished the road work.  

OG&E had to help out with the installation by temporarily moving the overhead power lines to allow the crane to lower the sign into place. Project coordinator Jack Quirk said, “There was a storm coming in so OG&E said we have to get this done quickly before it starts raining.” The Royal Signs crew worked in the dark Wednesday night to complete the installation. 

Next Farmers Electric will install a meter and wire the sign for lights. These signs are part of the partnership between All About Hennessey/KJ FilmWorks and the Town of Hennessey.  This program’s mission is to improve the look and appearance of the Town and to make it more welcoming to visitors.  Several more signs are coming soon and will start appearing around town offering better directions to locations along with additional park signage.