Welcome 2024! OKSeasoned Sisters

Welcome, 2024 

Do you ever make New Year’s Resolutions? If so, do you keep them?! Well, if you are one of the few who make and KEEP their New Year’s Resolutions..congrats! Send help, lol! 

Our brother and sister in law tend to start their New Years with a fast. They have said that they do like how that resets them, so to speak. We aren’t saying that is for everyone, but maybe it sounds like something you would want to try? If you aren’t thinking you want to go so hard, but would like to try out a resolution mindset, here are a few helpful tips: 

•be specific 

•be flexible 

•be realistic 

For example instead of “I’m going to exercise more” maybe try “I’m going to walk thirty minutes a day” (notice it’s just any time during the day. Don’t limit yourself by saying morning then feeling like a failure on the days your mornings don’t work out… build in grace to your goal setting. Life be cray. Allow for that.) Maybe even be so realistic that you say “I’m going to walk thirty minutes four times a week” and then congratulate yourself if you get out there more often! Or if your schedule isn’t consistent daily, you could even maybe try “I’m going to walk a total of 3.5 hours a week”. This is nice because some days you could go on a longer walk and make up for those days that you couldn’t get out there. 

Another thought for the new year is choosing a word or phrase or verse for the year. Pray about it, see what word keeps coming to your mind. Maybe that’s your word?! Autumn even adds a song and Bible verse to her word. 

Finally, it’s also okay if resolutions and whatnot just aren’t your thing as long as you never stop trying to improve yourself/your life. It’s a brand new year. Fresh. Let’s make it the best we can. 

Happy New Year from the OKSeasonedSisters!