Phase one of the new John Deutschendorf Memorial Pavilion, located on West First Street downtown, is nearing completion. All the necessary parts have arrived for the construction, which was originally expected to be finished by Thanksgiving. However, it was decided that the building should be painted before being assembled in order to enhance its appearance. Thurmond Gas Measurement Co. has generously donated the black paint and labor required for this task. Due to the numerous small parts involved, the painting process is taking a bit longer than anticipated. Jack Quirk, the project coordinator, expressed his confidence that the wait will be worthwhile, as the finished building will be a beautiful addition to the public space. The updated timeline now aims to have the construction finished by the end of January.

The John Deutschendorf Memorial Pavilion is a project under the Discover Hennessey Program, made possible by the generous contributions of several Hennessey businesses including Hennessey Metal Buildings, F5 Construction, Lightle Sand & Construction, Dollar Trucking, Daniel Construction, Thurmond Gas Measurement Co., and Richard Simunek.