The Alfred Davis Fundraiser

The Alfred Davis fundraiser was like a heartwarming scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The Christmas spirit was in full swing as supporters turned out in droves to show their love for Alfie, who was able to be present himself. The atmosphere was brimming with joy as generous donations poured in and attendees indulged in scrumptious pulled pork sandwiches expertly prepared by Michael Drake. Mouthwatering chips and delectable desserts added to the festive ambience, complemented by the musical talents of Tim Holder.

The highlight of the event was the lively auction, where an abundance of generosity was on display. Bidders eagerly competed for a wide array of items, ranging from fishing poles to pecans, gift baskets, air fryers, various meats and much more. The excitement was infectious, when a young boy joyously leapt in the air upon winning a knife, and a little girl happily walked away with a crocheted Grinch hat, scarf, and glove set. Justin Choate’s witty banter as the auctioneer kept the crowd engaged, ensuring a fast-paced and successful event. Additionally, raffles for a gun and guided hunt added to the evening’s triumph, greatly benefiting the Davis family.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the community action team and all the kind-hearted individuals who generously donated items and attended the fundraiser. Their collective efforts made the Alfred Davis fundraiser an overwhelming success, truly capturing the essence of the holiday spirit.