Fifty Hennessey teachers now have hundreds of dollars of classroom supplies and hands-on activities after attending an energy education workshop sponsored by the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas at Hennessey High School last Saturday (October 21st). In total, the teachers received $25,890 in materials and equipment.

The event, organized by the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB), provided Hennessey teachers with innovaVve tools to enhance their lesson plans and engage students. In an effort to bolster STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) educaVon in Oklahoma, the workshop introduced teachers to a selecVon of nine energy-related curricula designed for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. These curricula offer real-world applicaVons that supplement exisVng lesson plans.

Upon compleVng the workshop, each teacher received a curriculum guide and a complimentary classroom equipment kit, valued at up to $1,300. These kits contained a variety of essenVal supplies, from graphing calculators to graduated cylinders, pencils, and rulers, significantly enriching classroom resources. As an extra incenVve, teachers who implement the curriculum in their classrooms are eligible for a free field trip program to one of 13 partner museums statewide.

Hennessey Elementary teacher, Priya Humphries said, “The trainers modeled the activity so we already know how to present these new learning tools when we get to our classroom.” 

Hennessey High School will also receive $2,000 for math and science supplies for hosting the workshop. All of the materials and training are voluntarily funded by the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas.