Last Friday was an early Christmas for many Hennessey teachers when the Hennessey Education School Foundation (HESF) handed out $98,509 in grants to 44 teachers. The foundation also purchased a large poster printer for the Middle School and High School to share.

The HESF started in 1990 to help our teachers fund educational projects and supplies that are fun and exciting for their classrooms. In addition to the teacher grants the foundation offers any graduating Hennessey student up to $20,000 in scholarships. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 1st 2024. Students or parents may also contact the high school counselor, Jill Moery.

HESF Grants 2023-2024 

3rd Grade Experiences & Activities

A+ Teachers-ECC Story Time

Cristin Ashcraft Look, I won a gold coin

Erica Beckner AAC Art

Emily Bellinger Zooming in on Learning

Kelsey Bennett Adventures in Reading!

Kelsey Bennett Tools for Success

Maribeth Boettler Headphone Bliss

Maribeth Boettler Mouse in the House!

Lisa Bossa Spanning the Globe

Linzie Briley Movement in the Classroom

Flo Conway A Seat for Safety

Beth Curran Reclaim our Clay

Riley Faulkner Sew Practical

Haley Fisher FACS Sewing Equipment

Rachel Franks Beat to the Sound of Learning

Kim Gritz Making Strong Connections

Kim Gritz Robots of the Future

Taylor Gritz Colorful Creations

Stephanie Guinn Graphing for All

Leslie Hardin ENCORE! Live on Stage

Shavonn Heidlage Beating Indoor Boredom

Shavonn Heidlage Reading Comfort

Shavonn Heidlage Flashlight Friday

Chelsea Hoeltzel Anatomy & Physiology Models

Teresa Hugaboom Inspiring our Imagination

Teresa Hugaboom Learning Through Sensory Play

Priya Humphries Cushies for Tushies

Priya Humphries Flash & Recharge

Priya Humphries Just the Facts Please

Priya Humphries Just One More Chapter

Andrea Jimenez Creativity Indoors

Carol Keeton Graphing Dry Erase Boards

Kim Lester Having a “FINE” Time in Speech

Amanda Luper Bringing Robotics to Kindergarten

Elizabeth Marin Techie Spanish Class

Hayley Martin Keeping Kindergarten Engaged

Hayley Martin Magnet Board-Outdoor Classroom

Katie Matthews Indoor Recess Fun

Chelsey McArthur Welcome to M.S.

Jill Moery Wise Words Book Club

Shelley Muzny Stop the Bleed

Katilyn Norton Learning That Makes Sense!

Kris Piersall Linear Perspectives & Self Portraits

Daniel Powers Concert Band Instruments

Heather Russell Creative Learning with Art

Amy Shelite Classroom Seating

Denise Shimanek Nurturing Curiosity-Art & STEM

Kim Simunek Organize Away

Lissette Sosa Creative Visual Story Learning

Lissette Sosa Interactive Hands on Phonics

Caitlyn Stucki Math Classroom Resources

Jennifer Ullery Library Signs

Karla VanGee Sensory & Art Exploration

Stacy Ward Open a Book, Grow Your Mind

Morgan Webb Math in the Making!

Doreen Winn Is it Ping Pong?

Cindy Woods Learning’s a Treasure