Cherokee Street Designs, it’s not called work if you love what you do.

The newlywed Garcia’s, Raul and Courtney, complement each other perfectly when it comes to creativity and innovative problem-solving. With their unique business, Cherokee Street Designs, they use each other’s skills to their fullest advantage. 

Raul is a graduate of Hennessey and Courtney from Enid. Raul and Courtney, based in Hennessey, are now embarking on a new journey—a “fun side gig,” as they call it.  After Courtney did some research she got Raul excited about the project and ordered a laser machine. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected 6-month wait before it arrived at their doorstep on Cherokee Street. In the meantime, Courtney purchased another laser to get started. Finally, in March 2023, they were ready to begin their expedition. 

Cherokee Street Designs has an array of products that can be customized to fit each customers specific needs and wants. They have 2 laser machines that can print on just about anything, and an embroidery machine that further expands accommodations for their customers. They have printed on many different things including, but definitely not limited to, hats, clothing, school bags, pencils, cutting boards, coasters, and keychains. Whether you are looking at customizing a bulk order for a business or party or maybe it’s simply a one-time gift, they’d love to see your design become a reality. They offer a wide selection but if you have an idea you haven’t seen done, let them know your idea because there are very few things they can’t do.

The Garcia’s would love to be a part of sharing something special with you, whether it’s a gift for yourself, a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, Christmas, wedding, welcoming a baby, or a just-because gift. The thought behind it is worth a thousand words but the smile you’ll receive is priceless. Contact Cherokee Street Designs at (405) 249-6365 or You can check out some of Cherokee Street Designs’ past work on their Facebook page or Tik-Tok @cherokeestreetdesigns. You can view their online store here: