Almost a year ago the town had to make a decision as to what make the much-needed new police car would be. Apparently, white Ford Explorers with the police package are hard to come by. The choices were to wait for a white Explorer with a delivery date of up to 2 years that would match all the others or a Black Chevrolet Tahoe that actually had a delivery date.  They chose the black Tahoe and it arrived this week. Hennessey Police Chief Arron Pitts said, “It is all wired and ready for the lights and other things we need and will go to the outfitter next week to have it all installed.” The Tahoe is larger than the Explorer making it more comfortable after everything is added. At the time the board made the decision to go with Chevrolet, there was a lengthy conversation about Ford’s durability.  Pitts told the board that the Fords transmissions start having trouble after 80,000 miles. The new car will have the graphics installed by Royal Signs when it returns from the outfitter.