We have all driven by the iconic “Jim’s Welding Service” sign south of

Hennessey on Highway 81 with the metal mural on top.

The late Jimmy Hawk, of Hennessey, was the founder of Jim’s Welding

Service. Like most business owners, in 1975, he started out small using his

welding truck to travel all over providing his services. In the year 2000, he

was given the opportunity to purchase a piece of property with a shop.

Thus, allowing him to expand his services. He took the leap and gave up

the welding truck for a full-service welding shop!

Jim’s Welding is unique in many ways, “We are the only welding service in

this area that provides aluminum and stainless welding, specializing in both

tig and mig”. Along with welding, they offer custom fabrication using their

10-foot metal sheer, 12-foot, 180-ton brake, 8-foot finger brake, and 6-foot

roller, and the 8-foot CNC plasma table. In addition to welding and

fabrication Jim’s offers truck and trailer repair. They can provide you with a

free estimate for any job. The goal at Jim’s Welding is to give their

customers quality work done in a timely manner to the best of their ability.

Since Jim’s passing in 2022, the legacy of his hard work, dedication, and

skills are still being met today. Currently, Jimmy’s wife, Kim Hawk, works

alongside Tony Guffey. They both strive to continue to produce the same

customer service that Jim proudly built over the last two decades. Jim’s

Welding Service is located south of Hennessey, on the west side of

Highway 81. Give them a call at 405-853-4522 for any of your welding,

truck, or trailer repair needs. They are open Monday through Friday 7:00

am-5:00 pm.