If you have ever tuned in to the Hennessey Eagles live broadcast on the web, you have heard Taylor Ladwig, the voice of the Eagles.  Taylor’s play-by-play has improved to the point where he is now getting noticed.  Taylor is doing double duty during the games and between breaths, he is also writing for All About Hennessey.  

Jack Quirk, owner of AAH said, “Taylor is amazing, he writes the stories on his phone as the game progresses, then emails it to us within a few minutes of the end of a game.  This allows us to publish that night.”  Taylor is also writing for the OU Surge Sports Network website.  Taylor plans on pursuing sports journalism as a career path and will be enrolling in the Hennessey Schools Intern program and interning for The All About Network which includes All About Hennessey.  

But the voice and writing are only half of the broadcast.  While Taylor is calling the play-by-play most of the time Aidan Hardin is operating the cameras.  Kevin Trillo and Jessin Hardin take care of the first half of most of the girls’ basketball games.