About a year ago one of the 2 Hennessey Reverse Osmosis systems was damaged when the floor caved in, twisting the rack and damaging the unit.  Contractors had to remove the old system, cut out the concrete, repair a water pipe under the floor and install the new system.  Under normal circumstances the 2 ROs alternate one on, one-off, filling the 130,000-gallon storage tank outside the RO Building.  During construction, the RO system that was not damaged was doing all of the work filtering the water.  Now it will get a break alternating with the new unit.  

The new system comes with new software that offers a more detailed look at how the system is doing. The new system has been in test mode for a few days but was officially put online last week.  While the work was being done on the RO the 130,000 holding tank was painted inside and out to protect it.