The first home game since January 13 was against Fairview on Thursday night (Feb 9th). 

The lady Eagles once again had a pretty good start, but tonight they missed 2 of their starters, Yuridia Rios and Katie Kennedy. In a game earlier in the season that was a 2-point victory, those 2 are players that for sure make a difference. In the first quarter, they kept it close and trailed by one, but a reoccurring problem of having “bad quarters” came to fruition again and 6-19 in the 2nd, and only managed one point in the 3rd quarter, which sealed the game. Two freshmen had to step into the game in place of Yudi and Katie, and they both played well, Emma Sipe shot 50% and had 5 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals in her starting lineup debut, and Emily Goff has played some pretty solid basketball recently and had 4 points and 3 rebounds tonight including an assist. They won the 4th quarter by 7 points, but at that point, it was too late. Final score Hennessey Lady Eagles 25 Fairview Lady Yellow Jackets 47. 

The #4 ranked Eagles had their matchup against an underrated Fairview team, who has had an incredibly tough schedule this season, sitting at 10-8 now with 7 ranked losses, but the Eagles started and stayed hot. A 3 by Hunter Weber and then a nasty layup and a 3 by Jael Torres, who we’ll get back to in a moment, had the Eagles up early. James Sims was having a very good night and has really stepped it up for the Eagles lately, and he finished with 15 points and shot 7-11. Jael Torres may have had a tough night, but you’ll see why I mention him. The Eagles held an 11-point lead in the first and didn’t lose one quarter. The 1st half-offense and the 2nd half-defense would’ve been beautiful had they both been meshed together, but tonight it didn’t prove to be much of a difference. An uneventful 3rd quarter led to a 4th. Jael Torres, who has 10 points steps to the line to shoot free throws in what would not really matter, but sitting at 999 career points. These happened to matter. He missed the first, but made the 2nd and became one of four players to score 1000 points under Coach Page at Hennessey. A feat accomplished by his junior year. The final score Hennessey Eagles 59 Fairview Yellowjackets 35

Story by Taylor Ladwig