The Eagles had their second game of the 6 games In 9 days stretch. This Friday night happened to be at Perry. 

The lady Eagles who have had a rough go of things lately continued their stretch. Scoring only 1 point in the first quarter highlighted the offensive flaws in the 40-point loss. The lady maroons played very well, they hit a lot of shots and were very good defensively, as well as good down low and around the perimeter. They had a lot of good scorers and it was a very tough team for the ladies to face. In the 2nd quarter, it almost looked as if their lead with slimming when Yuridia Rios hit back-to-back threes, but it was all for not. The scoring continued to be subdued. The final score was Hennessey Lady Eagles 34 Perry Lady Maroons 74. 

The #4 ranked Hennessey Eagles had a very similar contest to their game vs Cashion, tonight vs Perry. They traded shots back and forth and Perry just wouldn’t quite go away. A lot of technical difficulties distracted us over at hennesseyeagles.tv, so I missed a lot of the 2nd quarter and all of the 3rd. I can tell you this though, Jael Torres built upon his 20 point 7 rebound performance against Cashion and looked as if he’d further improve, with 14 points at the half and 2-2 from downtown. The 2nd half, once again in a similar fashion to the Cashion game, the maroons just couldn’t keep up with the Eagles offense. The Eagles did falter from downtown though, going 5-20 from three. That didn’t make a difference though, Jael finished with 19 and 7 and Layton was one assist away from a double-double, he finished with 12 points and 10 assists. FINAL Hennessey Eagles 60 Perry Maroons 37. Story by Taylor Ladwig