Loaded with gifts, the Hennessey Reserve Angels arrived at the Hennessey Care Center with lights flashing and sirens wailing at noon Christmas Eve for their annual Christmas delivery. 

Volunteers from the Town of Hennessey, students, Police, Fire, and Oklahoma Highway Patrol delivered a personalized gift to every resident at the Care Center.  After the Care Center, all of the volunteers headed out to deliver Christmas gifts to over 52 families in need, including 147 children in and around Hennessey.  The gifts ranged from bicycles to baby dolls and items of all kinds.  

This is the 18th year for the Hennessey Reserve Angels.  This group helps families in need from Hennessey and surrounding areas to be sure children have something under the tree for Christmas.  If you know of a family in need or would like to donate please contact the Hennessey Town Hall at, 405-853-2416.