Hennessey Middle School, first to support color blind students

Thanks to the Hennessey Schools Education Foundation, EnChroma glasses have arrived at Hennessey Middle School! Students will be able to borrow the glasses to aid in classroom learning. The EnChroma glasses will come in handy for a range of assignments involving color. For example, reading maps in geography and charts in math and science. 

One in 12 boys are color blind. 1 in 200 girls are color blind. For Hennessey Middle School, that equates to about 3 students per grade level; or about 42 students in the district. Only 11 out of 50 states require schools to test for color blindness. Oklahoma does not require this, but at least 5 students in the middle school have been identified. Normal color vision allows the eye to detect over one million hues. A person who is color blind can only see about ten percent of them. Colors can appear dull, and hard to distinguish. Some have described it as “always looking like winter”.