A Hair Raising Halloween Mystery

The Hennessey Speech and debate team held one very creepy murder mystery dinner theater fundraiser last Friday and Saturday nights.   The event was held at the Hennessey Mercantile event room and featured a cast of very strange, mostly dead, working through a quirky whodunit.  The Production was produced by Hennessey grad Tammy Berry who also starred as Zoe the Zombie.  The Host was Hennessey teacher Nathaniel Parker.  The cast included Ish Ingle as Victor the Vampire, Stacy Cline as Patty the Poltergeist, Kim Gritz as Winnie the Witch, Grant Curtis as Malcolm the Mummy, David Yirka as William the Werewolf, Jennifer Ullery as Gillian the Ghost, Jaden Matthews as Bella the Bride, and Bert Gritz as Inspector D’Eath.