Library Building Study Begins

Step one of the Hennessey Library study began last Wednesday when the three-person team from CWA Architects, based in Norman, spent the morning looking over the building. The Hennessey Library building has been the topic of heated discussion for several years for the Town Trustees. At a recent special meeting, Mayor Bert Gritz formed a committee to research options and bring a solution to the Trustees. At the committee’s first meeting, it was decided to hire the CWA Group to conduct a feasibility study to determine the best solution for the building that houses the library and museum. Jack Quirk, Library Committee Chair, said, “They asked tons of questions and went over every inch of the building inside and out. They seemed to be most concerned with the roof and the fact that there was no fire escape on the 2nd floor, and they found termite damage in several areas”. The CWA Group thought they could complete the study in about a month. Jack Quirk, Tiffany Tillman, and Richard Simunek were present for the inspection.