CAT Team Double Header

The Hennessey Community Action Team (CAT) had a very busy Friday afternoon cleaning up two properties. They started at 201 S Cimarron St. They made fast work of cutting and trimming the trees around Helen Flud’s home. Next, they moved to 6730 S Mitchell Rd. to work on Wally and Mary Curry’s rented home that still had trees down from the last ice storm.  

CAT organizer Jimmy Berkenbile said, “This couldn’t be possible without all the volunteer help we get,  especially from Grade Works Construction’s employees and their heavy equipment, and Kings Rental donating an aerial lift that made these jobs much easier.” 

Thursday evening, the CAT group is meeting to see how they can hold a fundraiser for Bill Hutchinson. Bill lost everything in a house fire on the 4th of July night. If you would like to help, you can attend the meeting at 7 pm Thursday night at Jimmy Berkenbile’s Gathering Place.  

The CAT is a group of volunteers that get together to help anyone with a need. This can range from fundraising to major clean-up projects or building handicap ramps. If you know someone with a need or want to volunteer, contact Jimmy Berkenbile at 405-853-5071.