Kingfisher County Fine Arts

Hennessey Elementary 1st through 4th graders participated in the annual Kingfisher County Fine Arts Poetry, Art, and Vocal contests Wednesday, March 8th. Selected students from each grade were chosen to perform poetry and display art. All of the students in grades 1st-4th participated in the Mixed Chorus Vocal Contest. 

Mrs. Rachel Franks of Hennessey directed the morning choir that consisted of Lomega 1st-3rd grade, Hennessey 1st, and 2nd, Okarche 1st-3rd, Holy Trinity 1-3, Gilmour 1st and 2nd, and Dover 1st-3rd. 

Ms. Stephanie Palmer of Okarche directed the afternoon classes of Lomega 5th and 6th, Hennessey 3rd and 4th, Okarche 4th-6th, Cashion 4th-8th, Heritage 3rd, and 4th, and Dover 4th-6th.  Photos by Libby Seiger.