Welcome to the Iron Paradise, the place where you hustle to get more muscle! Take a look at Legends Fitness Center owned and operated by Amber Franklin. Legends Fitness Center is fully equipped with a wide range of equipment including Dumbbells, Free Weights, Bench Press, Smith Machine, an Inspire Functional Trainer, Leg Press and much, much more! For Cardio you have Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Stairmaster and Cross Rowers. In case you’re ready to put your hands up a couple rounds you will find a punching bag and an available programmed boxing timer to challenge yourself. Individual and family plans are available, as well as a fixed plan in case you’ll only be in town a couple weeks at a time. Personal training will soon be available, Legends can guide you to a healthier lifestyle and push you towards your goals! Legends Fitness Center has been serving the Town of Hennessey and visiting clients since 2015. The fitness center first opened up across the street on the corner building of Oklahoma St and Main and transitioned to the Kirkpatrick building in 2017. They are located at 108 S Main St and you can find them on Facebook as Legends Fitness Center. Contact Amber at (405) 853-0449 to get signed up and become a legend!